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Music and Tea Ceremony at Fu Qiumeng Fine Art

Fu Qiumeng Music Event

Fu Qiumeng Fine Art
Reunion Between the Tunes of Guqin and the Ritual of Matcha
November 12, 2023
1st Session: 1:00–1:45pm; 2nd Session: 3:00–3:45pm
Tickets: $30

Fu Qiumeng Fine Art, in proud collaboration with Chanoyu Week NYC 2023, is thrilled to present a unique rendezvous of tradition and harmony: “Reunion Between the Tunes of Guqin and the Ritual of Matcha.” Conducted in two sessions, dive into the ethereal sounds of the ancient Guqin, a seven-stringed Chinese musical instrument, and be captivated by the serene beauty of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

They are honored to have Liu Li, celebrated Guqin maestro and the esteemed president of the New York Guqin Association, serenade their guests. Complementing this musical experience, Yoshitsugu Nagano, master of the Ueda Soko-ryu samurai tea ceremony, will immerse you in the tranquil world of Matcha.

Journey back to the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) as they pay homage to the timeless bond between the Guqin and tea ceremony. It was Emperor Huizong (1082-1135), a titan of Chinese artistry, who intertwined these two passions in the annals of history. His masterwork, the “Da Guan Tea Classic,” and his portrayal in the painting Listening to Guqin at the Beijing Palace Museum, vividly encapsulate the emperor’s artistry.

Lose yourself in the enchanting melodies of the Guqin and let the aromatic allure of Matcha whisk you away to a time when literati masters defined the pinnacle of art and culture.

To learn more and purchase tickets for either session, click here.