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Moonlight on Stones at Fu Qiumeng Fine Art Closes Soon

Wang Mansheng (born 1962), Deep in the Mountains Searching for Ancient Trees, No. 5, 2014,
ink on paper, 71 x 38.5 in.

Wang Mansheng's Moonlight on Stones Curated by Dr. Chao Ling,
Fu Qiumeng Fine Art

Concludes July 23, 2022

Moonlight on Stones is the gallery’s first solo exhibition devoted to the Asian-American landscape artist Wang Mansheng (born 1962). Wang uses self-invented organic painting materials, in addition to conventional ones, to explore contemporary forms of landscape and finds enchanting and enlightening visual structures to embody his perception of nature.

Moonlight on Stones features 19 paintings selected from Wang’s Night Mountain and Ancient Trees series. These artworks, executed between 2008 and the present, are on display for the first time. Each work in the Night Mountain collection is inspired by a line from classical Chinese poetry. The relationship between text and image–a traditional scope–has been enacted in a novel way through the artist’s sensitivity and intellectual interests. The Ancient Trees collection represents his consideration of longevity and form. In intimate contact with the ecosystem of the Hudson River Valley, he makes brushes and ink out of local organic materials to paint objects found in the area while demonstrating his reflections on lines, shape and texture.

The exhibition is curated by Dr. Chao Ling, Assistant Professor in the Department of Chinese and History, City University of Hong Kong. An exhibition catalog is available online, in which his introductory essay is included, as well as other print and video materials. Read more, click here