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Marc Peter Keane’s “Of Arcs and Circles”

Of Arcs and Circles: Insights from Japan on Gardens, Nature, and Art,
Marc Peter Keane

From his vantage point as a garden designer and writer based in Kyoto, in his newest book Marc Peter Keane examines the world around him and delivers astonishing insights through an array of narratives. How the names of gardens reveal their essential meaning. A new definition of what art is. What trees are really made of. The true meaning of the enigmatic torii gate found at Shinto shrines. Why we give flowers as gifts. The essential, underlying unity of the world.

Marc Peter Keane is a garden designer and author based in Ithaca, New York. He lived in Kyoto, Japan, for 18 years, designing gardens for private individuals, companies and temples, and continues that work now from his studio in Ithaca. He is the author of seven books on gardens and nature and participated in AWNY's webinar, The Luxurious Garden and the Gratification of Retreat on October 28, 2021. Watch the video recording of the webinar, click here