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Magic of the Tea Bowl Volume III opens June 8 at Ippodo Gallery

Kohei Nakamura, Kohiki Tea Bowl (C24290) / Takeshi Imaizumi, Blue Porcelain Tea Bowl (C25938) / Agnes Husz, Duality Tea-bowl 1 (C25909) / Yasushi Fujihira, Tea Bowl “Silver” (C25941) Tomoyuki Hoshino, Sugar Glazed Tea Bowl (C25914)

June 8-July 13, 2023
Opening reception postponed to Tuesday, June 13, 6-8pm
RSVP is encouraged

The exhibition is a showcase of eighteen selected ceramic artists representing styles from traditional to modern—emerging visionaries, rising stars, respected masters, and a Living National Treasure. The more than a hundred tea bowls presented provide a wide sampling of their artistry.

The “Way of Tea” began in Japan during the sixteenth century with the famed Sen no Rikyu, and this treasured facet of Japanese life has thrived until today. Used in the tea ceremony, the tea bowl (chawan) is the only art form that arouses such intimate emotions or possesses such a close and physical sensitivity. Japanese artists have sought out the perfect chawan form for more than four centuries. Tea bowls made at Bizen, one of Japan's “six great kilns,” by artists using the production process that has been handed down from generation to generation are on view. New developments in kiln machinery have enabled artists in other regions of Japan to produce modern works of original character, which are also included here.

The exhibition is now open online.

View the online exhibition and read more…