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Last Days to View Exhibitions at Korean Cultural Center NY and Fu Qiumeng Fine Art

Presented by Gallery Korea at the Korean Cultural Center New York

Korean Cultural Center NY
Story of a Thousand Years: Master of Goryeo Celadon
Master Se-Yong Kim and Dr. Dohun Kim

Closing Thursday, August 31

In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the ROK-U.S. Alliance, this special ceramic exhibition showcases the extraordinary works of renowned artist Master Se-Yong Kim, who carries on the tradition of Goryeo Celadon with his son, Dr. Dohun Kim. Featuring over 50 works, one of the highlights is the largest Celadon vase ever created, standing at an impressive height of 42 inches. This monumental piece took over a decade to complete, and its display provides a profound and meaningful experience for all who visit.

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Zhang Xiaoli
Zhang Xiaoli, Water 水图, 2023, ink on silk, 13 3/4 x 17 3/4 in.

Fu Qiumeng Fine Art
A Hint of Coolness
Closing Saturday, September 2

This group exhibition draws inspiration from a recurring theme in traditional Chinese poetry that celebrates the pleasure of experiencing coolness during the scorching summer months.

The show features a carefully selected array of works by celebrated artists such as Arnold Chang, Michael Cherney, Chen Duxi, Fung Ming Chip, Tai Xiangzhou, Tang Ke, C.C.Wang, Wang Mansheng, Yau Wing Fung, and Zhang Xiaoli. These works capture the serene beauty of mountain sunsets, the tranquil stillness of nightfall, the harmonious blend of water and sky, the foreboding allure of an impending storm, the nostalgic loneliness of ancient times, and the refreshing sweetness of fruit. Through these varied perspectives, viewers are offered a refreshing, sensory experience that is both unexpected and unique.

The gallery invites everyone to join them in their garden to discuss and appreciate the paintings and immerse yourself in the refreshing, restorative beauty of A Hint of Coolness.

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