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Last Days for Tibet House Exhibition

Gilt Buddha Sakyamuni, 14th century, 10 in.

Roof of the World: Gems of the Guardianship Collection at the Tibet House Gallery
Tibet House US

Last day April 17

This live exhibition features a selection of tangkas, sculptures, and ritual items, including new donations. A part of the THUS mandate is to collect diverse examples of Tibetan sacred, fine, and folk arts, with the hope to ultimately repatriate them to a National Museum in a culturally free Tibet. To this end, the Repatriation Collection was started in 1992. This growing collection is comprised of over 1,000 items: tangkas, bronzes, ritual objects, and folk art. Generous collectors who are deeply concerned about the ultimate disposition of the cultural heritage of the Tibetan people have and continue to thoughtfully give representative examples of the vast and sophisticated repertoire of Tibetan arts.

Also now on view at Tibet house is David Orr: Radiance + Reflection,which integrates two primary bodies of work which evoke interconnection and impermanence: Mandala Lunae, photographs of the moon, repeated and arranged in geometric patterns via digital reflection, and ILLUMINED, a series wherein photographs of sacred manuscripts, texts, and sūtras — from myriad traditions — have been reconfigured into purely visual forms.

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