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Last Chance to See Asia Week New York Spring 2021 Online Exhibition

above: Kawase Hasui (1883 – 1957) Ochanomizu, from the series: 20 Views of Tokyo, woodblock print, courtesy of The Art of Japan.

This is your last chance to see the Asia Week New York Spring 2021 Online Exhibition. The exhibition closes tomorrow!

Here is a sampling of what is on view.

jade huqqa mouthpiece

A carved white jade huqqa mouthpiece inset in the kundan style with Burmese cabochon rubies, India 19th century, courtesy of Susan Ollemans.

<Timurid Frontispiece

Half of a Timurid Frontispiece Timurid Iran, possibly Herat, circa mid-15th century, Ink, gold, and opaque watercolor on paper, courtesy of Art Passages.

manuscript covers

A pair of manuscript covers depicting the ‘Mahishasuramardini’ Durga cycle, Nepal, circa 17th century, Opaque watercolor on wood, courtesy of Prahlad Bubbar.

Moro Armor

Moro Armor, Mindanao, Philippines, 19th century, courtesy of Runjeet Singh.

Evening Glow at Lyell Fork

Chiura Obata (1885-1975), Evening Glow at Lyell Fork, Tuolumne Meadows From the series World Landscape: America, 1930. Japanese color woodblock print, Courtesy of Egenolf Gallery Japanese Prints.

hip cloth with deer motif

Hinggi, Man’s shoulder or hip cloth with deer motif, East Sumba, Cotton; warp ikat, 19th / very early 20th century, courtesy of Thomas Murray.

Zheng Chongbin

Zheng Chongbin, Vertical Plain 2020, Ink and acrylic on Xuan paper, courtesy of INK Studio.

Jayashree Chakravarty

Jayashree Chakravarty, Unfoldings: The Route Map Of Experience Installation size: part a: 10.5’ x 41’ and part b: 10.5’x14.5’, Textile, Nepali paper, tissue, brown paper, pigment, acrylic paint, glue, tea and coffee stain, 2003, courtesy of Akar Prakar.