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Korea Society Presents Men’s Hanbok

Portrait of Yun Dongseom (1710–1795), ca. 1790–1805, image courtesy of The Metropolitan
Museum of Art

Hanbok: A New Lexicon of World Fashion—Men’s Hanbok
The Korea Society

Online program, Thursday, April 7 at 6pm

Riding the Korean Wave sweeping the world, the traditional Korean costumes have become increasingly visible in global media. In 2021, hanbok-the generic term referring to traditional style Korean clothing-was registered in the Oxford English Dictionary. In this comprehensive series of lectures, Dr. Minjee Kim, the preeminent scholar in the U.S. of Korean textile and fashion, illustrates and elucidates hanbok in sartorial, socio-cultural, and historical contexts.

In the second lecture of the series, Dr. Kim discusses some distinctive qualities of men's hanbok in comparison with other dress traditions; terminologies of the components and their structural parts; colors, materials, and embellishments; and symbols and ideas behind design principles and ways of dress.

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The first lecture on Women's Hanbok aired on February 17th and can be watched on YouTube, click here