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Kapoor Galleries in the Madison Avenue Gallery Walk 

Group of Three Arhats, Tibet, 18th century, courtesy of Kapoor Galleries

Kapoor Galleries at 34 East 67th Street is part of the Madison Avenue Gallery Walk on Saturday, May 15.  They are pleased to present three fine thangka paintings from their 2021 catalogue, Incarnations of Devotion.  These three thangkas belong to a painting set depicting either sixteen or eighteen figures including Arhat Bakula, Arhat Kanakavatsa and Arhat Nagasena from this catalogue, as well as two others in private collections (see Himalayan Art Resources items no. 21658 and 24114). The set is distinguished by the golden bodies of each elder, the elaborate and distinct golden patterns of each vibrant textile, the rainbow of colors among clouds filling the bright blue skies, the pure white moon and orange sun, and the red cartouches with small gold inscriptions of homage.

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