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June Collection at Dai Ichi Art

Miwa Kazuhiko 三輪和彦 Japanese, b. 1951, “Abyss” Guinomi 淵淵盃, stoneware, H1.5″ x Dia3.7″; H3.8 x Dia9.3cm, with signed wood box

This June, we reflect on Kigo (季語) or “Season words”, which refers to words used to express the seasons and, in turn, feeling, in classical Japanese poetry. As June arrives in full swing, we may observe the term “minazuki” (水無月; the month of water), conceptualizing June. In 1941, the poet, author, and critic Masaoka Shiki 正岡 子規 (1897-1902), wrote about minazuki:


In the coolness
of the empty sixth-month sky…
the cuckoo's cry.

Complementary to Masaoka Shiki's poetry, Dai Ichi Arts features exceptional functional Sake Wares by Miwa Kazuhiko, Koie Ryoji, Kakurenzaki Ryuichi, Takeuchi Shingo, and more, echoing the refreshing tone of this summer season.

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