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July Exhibitions Part I

Chen Duxi, Chinese b. 1983, Contemplate #82, 2023, Mineral pigment on silk, framed 9 7/8 x 26 3/8 in (25 x 67 cm); copyright the artist; courtesy Fu Qiumeng Fine Art

Fu Qiumeng Fine Art
A Hint of Coolness, Summer Group Exhibition
May 26 – September 2, 2023

The exhibition showcases a carefully selected array of works by celebrated artists such as Arnold Chang, Michael Cherney, Chen Duxi, Fung Ming Chip, Shen Chen, Tai Xiangzhou, Tang Ke, C.C.Wang, Wang Mansheng, Yau Wing Fung, and Zhang Xia.

The exhibition will be divided into two parts, with the first running from May 26th to July 9th, and the second from July 11th to September 2nd.

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Voiceless Landscape
Peng Kanglong, 彭康隆, Voiceless Landscape, 山水清音, 2022, Ink and color on paper, 147 x 243 cm, 57 7/8 x 95 5/8 in; copyright the artist; courtesy INKstudio

Global Ink
INKstudio’s Tenth Anniversary Exhibition
June 17 – July 29, 2023

Red no 1 B-1, Caochangdi
Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

It is not a group show but instead a special exhibition consisting of twelve separate solo presentations by twelve artists who INKstudio believes define the new global contemporary INK. The featured artists are: Bingyi, Chen Haiyan, Huang Chih-yang, Li Jin, Li Huasheng, Liu Dan, Peng Kanglong, Wang Dongling, Wang Tiande, Xu Bing, Yang Jiechang and Zheng Chongbin.

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Kodai Ujiie Tea Bowl
Kodai Ujiie, Ofukei and Lacquer Tea Bowl – 漆貫入彩御深井茶盌, (C25969); courtesy Ippodo Gallery

Ippodo Gallery
Magic of the Tea Bowl, Volume III
June 3 – July 31, 2023

The exhibition is a showcase of eighteen selected ceramic artists representing styles from traditional to modern—emerging visionaries, rising stars, respected masters, and a Living National Treasure. The more than a hundred tea bowls presented provide a wide sampling of their artistry.

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Tsukamoto Kaiji Lotus-form bowl
Tsukamoto Kaiji (1912-1990), Lotus-form bowl; courtesy Joan B Mirviss LTD

Joan B Mirviss LTD
Warm to the Touch: Cool and Refreshing Celadon
June 20 – August 11, 2023

Highly prized across Asia for centuries, celadon finds inventive new expression in recent ceramics by leading Japanese artists.  From exquisite vessels to daring sculptures, works in this exhibition play with celadon’s categorical boundaries and even reconsiders its very definition.

Paired with this intriguing celadon showcase is a suite of never-before-seen paintings by MINOL ARAKI (1928-2010).

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Utagawa Kunisada Backstage and Dressing Rooms
Utagawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III) 1786-1865, View of Backstage and Dressing Rooms, Backstage at a Newly Opened Theater (Odori keiyo gakuya no zu, Odori keiyo nikai-iri no zu), oban tate-e double triptych 28 3/8 by 29 1/2 in., 72 by 75 cm; courtesy Scholten Japanese Art

Names of actors in Kunisada print
Names of actors in Kunisada print; courtesy Scholten Japanese Art

Online at Scholten Japanese Art
Backstage Pass: KABUKI (Part One)

Scholten Japanese Art is pleased to provide backstage passes to the most exclusive kabuki theater (of the mind)! Their new online exhibition features a selection of prints offering viewers both a front row seat to the drama…as well as a peek behind the curtain.

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Tanaka Kyokusho Dark Ship II
Tanaka Kyokusho, Dark Ship II, 2020, madake bamboo, rattan, 8.50 x 28.50 x 5.00 in.; courtesy TAI Modern

TAI Modern
Tanaka Kyokusho
June 30-August 12, 2023

Tanaka holds himself to a high standard of process and vision and takes the time before each piece to compose and experiment with shape, colors, and the widths and spacings of the bamboo strips. This leads to a series of drafts, executed through technical sketches and physical samples to evaluate the aesthetic outcomes of these variables.  This show marks Tanaka’s third solo exhibition with the gallery.

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