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John W. Winkler: The Chinatown Etchings Opening at Charles B. Wang Center


John W. Winkler, Busy Street in Chinatown (1915), etching, 6 x 7.5 in; Courtesy of the Rivolo Collection

John W. Winkler: The Chinatown Etchings
March 1 – May 19, 2024
Charles B. Wang Center Skylight Gallery
Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 20, 2024 from 5-7pm

John W. Winkler: The Chinatown Etchings explores forgotten scenes of San Francisco’s Chinatown from 1916 to 1923. Through John W. Winkler’s exceptional etchings, the exhibition unveils a crucial chapter in early Chinese immigration history in the United States.

Featuring 81 evocative etchings, the exhibition serves as a visual time capsule, capturing the essence of daily life in the heart of an early twentieth-century Chinatown. Winkler’s work, distinguished by its unparalleled quality, offers a unique lens to rediscover the narratives of this vibrant community during a pivotal immigration period. Winkler’s etchings transcend artistry, becoming historical documents that reveal the experiences, struggles, and resilience of those who called Chinatown home. The intricacy and depth of his lines convey not only artistic skill but also a profound connection to his subjects.

Curated by A. Rex Rivolo, director of Roving Sands Fine Arts, with all works on loan from the A. Rex Rivolo Collection and the Martin Levine Collection.

In addition to the opening reception on March 20th, also mark your calendars for these exhibition-related programs:

Lecture: Capturing History: The Stories within John W. Winkler’s Chinatown Etchings
by Dr. A. Rex Rivolo
Wednesday, March 20, 2024 from 4:00-5:00 pm

Guided Gallery Tour of John W. Winkler: The Chinatown Etchings
February 28, March 27, April 17 & May 8, 2024 from 12:00-12:30pm

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