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John Pai: Eternal Moment at the Korean Cultural Center New York


Installation view, John Pai: Eternal Moment, Korean Cultural Center New York

Korean Cultural Center New York
John Pai: Eternal Moment
Through April 18, 2024

There is still more art to explore before Asia Week New York ends tomorrow!

Head over to the recently opened exhibit, John Pai: Eternal Moment, at the Korean Cultural Center in midtown Manhattan and explore the artist’s profound reflections on life and time.

The exhibition celebrates John Pai’s legacy as a seminal figure in the tapestry of Korean arts in New York City and the world. His life and works reflect the enduring spirit of innovation, artistry, and the rich narrative of Korean history.

This historical retrospective highlights works from Pai’s oeuvre. From his earliest works as a young graduate student at Pratt Institute in the 1960’s with influences from early Constructivism, the show spans over six decades, giving a comprehensive understanding of the vast breadth of Pai’s artistic realm and his unwavering dedication to his craft and vision. Included in this landmark show are excerpts from the artist’s oral history with historian Leyla Vural conducted in the summer of 2021, and the unveiling of an intimate cinematic portrait of the artist, commissioned by the Korean Cultural Center New York (KCCNY).

Eternal Moment is an exploration of Pai’s past, present, and future – an insight into the timeless connections that define our shared human experience. Pai’s works are a fitting inauguration for the KCCNY’s new space, as he symbolizes a bridge between the past and future, through his cultural journey and the universal language of art.

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