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INKstudio celebrates 10th Anniversary

Peng Kanglong, 彭康隆, Voiceless Landscape, 山水清音, 2022, Ink and color on paper, 147 x 243 cm, 57 7/8 x 95 5/8 in Copyright The Artist

Global INK
INKstudio's Ten Year Anniversary Exhibition

June 17, 2023-July 29, 2023

Red no 1 B-1, Caochangdi
Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

INKstudio was founded ten years ago by three Stanford University alumni—business school classmates Craig Yee and Chris Reynolds and art historian and curator Dr. Britta Erickson—based on the simple observation that the world of global contemporary art was missing one of the greatest contributions any civilization has made to human culture: INK art. Central to their view is that INK is much more than a Medium; it is, in fact, a rich and complex artistic Language that expresses a similarly rich and distinctive Worldview—specifically, the civilizational worldview of China and East Asia.

Liu Dan, 刘丹,UNTITLED, 无题,2014, Ink on paper, 163 x 387 cm, Copyright The Artist

Since its founding, INKstudio has been focused on researching, documenting and exhibiting the individual practices of the most important artists of this post-Cultural Revolution period. They see each artist as an individual with his or her own unique and distinctive approach to deconstructing, reconstructing and transmitting the language of INK and the worldview it expresses. Each such artistic practice is thus a manifesto—a statement in action—about what INK art is at its most essential core. As a result, INKstudio, over the past ten years, has focused on producing solo exhibitions for these distinctly individual artists.

Zheng Chongbin, 郑重宾, Abrasive Surface, 磨擦的表象, 2018, Ink and acrylic on xuan paper, 79 x 72 in, 200.7 x 182.9 cm

The current exhibition, Global INK, is their opportunity to share with everyone what they have discovered over their first decade of programming. It is not a group show but instead a special exhibition consisting of twelve separate solo presentations by twelve artists who they believe define the new global contemporary INK. The featured artists are: Bingyi, Chen Haiyan, Huang Chih-yang, Li Jin, Li Huasheng, Liu Dan, Peng Kanglong, Wang Dongling, Wang Tiande, Xu Bing, Yang Jiechang and Zheng Chongbin.

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