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In Search of Asian Art, Day 3

All galleries and auction houses are open by appointment, and one should be made ahead of your visit.

Two galleries in the sixties off Madison Avenue are open today. Thomsen Gallery at 9 East 63rd Street, is holding their 4th exhibition of new work by Kyoto lacquer artist Yoshio Okada (b. 1977), including boxes from his Celestial Phenomena and Jellyfish Series.

Cloudy Sky, Bright Moon, Kanshitsu Box with Sprinkled Design of Celestial Phenomena 2020, courtesy of Thomsen Gallery

Incarnations of Devotion, at Kapoor Galleries, Inc. at 34 East 67th Street, features fine Indian paintings, a bronze Chola-period sculpture of Parvati, and a carefully-curated selection of artworks from India, Nepal, Tibet, and Southeast Asia.

Uma (Parvati), South India, Tamil Nadu, Chola period, 11th-12th century, courtesy of Kapoor Galleries, Inc.

The largest number and widest range of Asian works of art is to be found at Christie’s, at 20 Rockefeller Plaza at 49th Street, where over 750 pieces in seven auctions, (three of Chinese art, one of Japanese and Korean art, one of Indian, Himalayan and Southeast Asian art, and two of South Asian Modern and Contemporary art) are on view.

An Exceptional and Highly Important Bronze Ritual Wine Vessel and Cover, Gong, Late Shang Dynasty, Anyang, 13th-12th Century BC, courtesy of Christie’s

At Doyle, at 175 East 87th Street, the sale of Asian Works of Art, comprises the arts of China, Japan and elsewhere throughout Asia dating from the Neolithic Period through the 20th century.

A Rare Chinese Longquan Celadon Drum Form Box and Cover, Song-Yuan Dynasty, courtesy of Doyle