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GALLERY SPOTLIGHT: Hiroshi Yanagi Oriental Art


Nakamura Hochu (d. 1819), Cherry Blossoms and a Hut, 18th-19th century, hanging scroll, ink and color on silk, (w) 34.5 x (h) 97cm

During this Spring season when cherry blossoms are in bloom, Hiroshi Yanagi Oriental Art is pleased to present their latest available work, Cherry Blossoms and a Hut, an ink and color hanging scroll celebrating the beauty of nature.

Painted by Japanese artist Nakamura Hochu, who is best known for his colorful paintings of flowers and plants, this scenic depiction of cherry blossom in full bloom is accompanied by the poem:

朝戸出に (I walked out the door in the morning)
霞む (be dimly seen)
山路のさくら哉 (Cherry blossoms in the mountains)

To learn more about this elegant scroll, click here.