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Go Glamping with Songtsam

Plan your next adventure at Songtsam Glamping Palpa, the boutique luxury Hotels, Resorts & Destination Management Company’s first glamping property in Tibet that opened last summer. Located in Baiba Village on the Niyang River, the glamping property provides guests with a luxury outdoor camping experience, where they are surrounded by snow-capped mountains, forests and pastures.

In all, Songtsam Glamping Palpa has 30 accommodation tents, 4 dining tents and 1 public leisure tent. Each tent is equipped with modern amenities including a private bathroom, continuous hot water, an exquisite copper wash basin, a toilet with heating functions, soft leather sofas, Lhasa handmade wool carpets, and bedding.

The four dining tents in Songtsam Glamping Palpa offer traditional Tibetan dishes, free afternoon tea and welcomes guests to sit under a hawthorn tree, while enjoying snacks and refreshments.

In addition to enjoying the natural surroundings, guests are able to learn local activities from Gongbu Tibetans, the villagers living in Baiba Village, such as how to shoot a Gongbu sound arrow and horse riding.

The Palpa Glamping site adheres to Songtsam’s principles of sustainability and eco-friendly tourism pledging to contribute a portion of its income to the development of Baiba village.