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Giuseppe Piva Japanese Art Announces New Acquisitions

Samurai armor from the Inaba clan, early Edo period (1615–1867)

Giuseppe Piva Japanese Art, which is based in Milan, Italy, has just announced the acquisition of several important and appealing Japanese works of art. At the top of the list is this fine example of tosei gusoku (modern armor), a type that was common throughout the time period but had certain significant innovations added. It was owned by the Inaba clan, who originated in 16th century Mino province and during the Edo period were named daimyō of large and strategic provinces. In addition to this fine suit of armor, Giuseppe Piva has also added several impressive swords and sword furnishings.

Jugyoku II, Large wood netsuke of a Nio guardian, late 19th century, L. 5.8 cm

For those looking for more decorative works of art, the gallery has dramatic paintings and finely crafted three-dimensional art works. A particularly skillfully rendered example is this Large Wood Netsuke of a Nio Guardian. Carved in the late 19th century by Jugyoku II, this powerful and energetic muscular guardian deity is shown wearing a billowing shawl and sitting on a straw sandal, while he pulls on a long rope.

For more information about these and other fine items, click here.

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