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GALLERY SPOTLIGHT: Zetterquist Galleries


Black Oribe Kutsugata Teabowl “Yama no Ha,” Momoyama – Early Edo Period, Early 17th c., Japan, diameter: 14 cm, courtesy Zetterquist Galleries

We are delighted to shine this week’s Gallery Spotlight on one of our AWNY founding members, Zetterquist Galleries. Well regarded for their collection of the finest Asian ceramics throughout the ages, the gallery was established by Eric J. Zetterquist in 1992 in New York City and is currently located next to Central Park on the Upper East Side.

Their clients include major museums and the most discerning collectors of Asian ceramics from around the world. While most Asian antiquities galleries choose one country and show several different media from that country, Zetterquist chose to show one medium, ceramics, but cover all of East Asia. The flow of materials with stylistic and technical influences around the region over the past 2,000 years tells a fascinating story that gets more exciting with time.

Their current Spring Collection of Ceramics is now on view and includes this Momoyama-early Edo Period (17th century) Black Oribe “Kutsugata” (shoe-shaped) Teabowl covered with a rich, unctuous black glaze. The design of seven circles encasing a geometric hourglass formed of two triangles joined at their points is based on “chikiri” or winding the warp on a loom.  Of particular note is an inscription at the bottom of the unglazed bowl in dark red by the 13th generation Omotesenke tea master Mujin Sousa “Sokuchusai” (1901-1979), who also inscribed the accompanying box “Yama no Ha” meaning Mountain’s Edge.

To view this piece along with their other fine ceramics, schedule an appointment by emailing [email protected]


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