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Installation view, Light, Space and Time, Alisan Fine Arts, New York City

We are excited to shine our Gallery Spotlight this week on one of our newest Asia Week New York dealers, Alisan Fine Arts, who opened their first US gallery space on the Upper East Side of Manhattan last November.

Co-founded in the 1980s by Alice King, Alisan Fine Arts is one of the first professionally run galleries in Hong Kong and a pioneer in the field of Chinese contemporary art and new ink art. With this recent expansion to New York City, they continue their legacy of bridging East and West bringing a piece of Hong Kong’s art history to a new audience while continuing to honor the artists that have shaped their legacy.

Their current group exhibition, Light, Space and Time, demonstrates their commitment to working with Chinese American and other Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) artists, as it features the work of California-based Asian American visual artists Julie W Chang, Summer Mei-Ling Lee and Zhang Jian-Jun.

Influenced by the Californian coast and the Light and Space movement, Chang, Lee and Zhang approach light and space through a different lens and additional dimension. Informed by historical-cultural perspectives, their practices add a “time” element to the works in the exhibition. One view through June 22nd, this show also opened in celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Be sure to visit Alisan Fine Arts and partake in the richness of Chinese diaspora artistry on offer!

To learn more, click here.