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Gallery Exhibitions Closing Soon

Cho Yong-ik (1934-2023), Mountain, 1992, watercolor, 9 7/8 x 11 in. (25 x 28 cm), Courtesy HK Art & Antiques LLC

Two Friends: Tchah Sup Kim and Cho Yong-ik
HK Art & Antiques LLC
49 E. 78th St, Ste 4B, NYC
Closing October 19, 2023

Highlighting two Korean artists, Tchah Sup Kim and Cho Yong-ik, who were friends for many years and sadly passed away in the last year, this exhibition explores their artistic careers and lifelong friendship during a fascinating time when both Asian and Korean modernisms developed rapidly in the art world.

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Mirviss Fujikasa

Fujikasa Satoko (b. 1980), Updraft, 2023, stoneware with white slip glaze, 19 x 28 x 17 3/8 in., Photo by Richard Goodbody, Courtesy Joan B Mirviss LTD

TEMPEST – New Sculpture by Fujikasa Satoko
Joan B Mirviss LTD
39 E. 78th St, Ste 401, NYC
Closing October 20, 2023

This highly anticipated exhibition of new sculptures by the extraordinary artist Fujikasa Satoko showcases her latest body of work inspired by the wilder side of nature. Drawing from the stormy seas and restless clouds that have characterized the atmosphere of the past few years, Fujikasa’s powerful sculptures reveal a new dimension to her dynamic artistry.

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Onishi Kazumi Chido

Murose Kazumi (b. 1950), Nagatebako (Rectangular Document Box) titled Chidō (Telluric Motion), 2022, wood decorated in lacquer with maki-e (sprinkled metals) and raden (shell inlay), 5 × 5 3/4 × 11 in. (12.8 × 14.8 × 28 cm), Courtesy Onishi Gallery

Onishi Gallery
521 West 26th St, NYC
Closing October 22, 2023

ONKO CHISHIN features work by Murose Kazumi, Japan’s leading master of urushi (lacquer), an art and craft tradition dating back nearly ten millennia. The exhibition draws on a dictum laid down by Chinese philosopher Confucius more than 2,200 years ago: “If you cherish tradition and use it to explore new ideas, you can be considered a master. Named a “Living National Treasure” in 2008, Murose Kazumi continues to explore fresh ways of expressing beauty while staying deeply rooted in tradition.

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Peng Kanglong, Burning Fire, 2023, ink and color on paper, 71 x 142 cm, Courtesy INKStudio

Grand Synthesis: The Extraordinary Flower-Landscapes of Peng Kanglong
Red No. 1-B1, Caochangdi, Beijing
Closing October 22, 2023

This debut solo exhibition of classically-trained flower and landscape painter, Peng Kanglong features the artist’s ongoing synthesis of the landscape and flower genres through eight monumental new works. This is the first time Mainland Chinese scholars, collectors and the art-loving public have an opportunity to see and experience Peng Kanglong’s extraordinary flower-landscape syncretic creations in person.

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Kawase Hasui (1883‒1957), Evening Snow at Terajima Village, color woodblock print, 15¼ × 10⅜ in. (38.7 x 26.4 cm), Courtesy Sebastian Izzard LLC

Japanese Paintings and Prints: 1910‒1935
Sebastian Izzard LLC

17 East 76th St, 3rd Fl, NYC
Closing October 27, 2023

The first half of the twentieth century was an era of energy with new influences, styles, and tastes refocusing the Japanese print world. The man at the center of this revival was the entrepreneurial genius Watanabe Shōzuburō (1885–1962), whose publications form the greatest portion of the works in this exhibition. Deeply interested in Edo period ukiyo-e, Watanabe made it his project to rescue the art form, which had fallen somewhat out of fashion.

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