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Fu Qiumeng Hosts Literati and Rocks Amidst Verdant Bloom


Sun Kehong 孙克弘, Auspicious scholar Rocks, Ming Dynasty, ink and color on Chinese paper, handscroll

Literati and Rocks Amidst Verdant Bloom
March 14–April 13, 2024
Asia Week Hours: Mar 14-22, 10am-6pm (otherwise by appointment)
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 14, 5-8pm
65 East 80th Street, Ground Floor

Fu Qiumeng Fine Art proudly unveils their Asia Week New York exhibition, Literati and Rocks Amidst Verdant Bloom, a meticulously curated selection of classical and contemporary works that embodies the soul of Asian artistry.

Highlights include Ruan Ji’s Poems in Running Script by Dong Qichang (1555-1636) and Scholar Rocks by Sun Kehong (1532-1610), which exemplify the pinnacle of literati taste in Chinese brushwork. Works by Wang Fu’an (1879-1960), C. C. Wang (1907-2003), and Wang Fangyu (1913-1997) further illuminate this rich lineage.

Bridging past and present, the exhibition showcases contemporary artists who carry the torch. Arnold Chang (b. 1954) offers his latest breathtaking boneless landscape, while Michael Cherney (b. 1969) presents his powerful bilingual work that resonates with audiences navigating cultural intersections. Zhang Xiaoli (b. 1989) and Yau Wing Fung (b. 1990) contribute pieces that connect with younger generations, bridging the generational gap.

Arnold Chang, Boneless Landscape, 2022, color on Chinese paper

Additional established artists include Hisao Hanafusa (b. 1937), Fung Ming Chip (b. 1951), Wang Mansheng (b. 1962), and Tai Xiangzhou (b. 1968), ensuring a diverse and enriching experience.

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