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Francesca Galloway shows Court, Epic, Spirit:
Indian Art 15th-19th Century

A Prince Receiving Water at a Well, Imperial Mughal, ascribed to Kalyan Das (also known as Chitarman), c. 1720–30, opaque pigments and gold on paper

Court, Epic, Spirit: Indian Art 15th-19th Century, Francesca Galloway
Currently on view-March 24, 2022

In collaboration with Luhring Augustine Tribeca at 17 White Street in Manhattan, Court, Epic, Spirit presents a variety of artworks, including textiles, paintings, and courtly objects. Grounding the works in their historical context, the selection will offer insights into artistic and cultural movements in India during this time.

The title of the exhibition refers to three key lenses through which to view the multi-faceted and extraordinarily inventive arts of India: court, epic, spirit. With these organizing principles as a guide, the exceptional and iconic works of art in the installation can be more fully considered and understood.

Pichhvai of Dana Lila (the demanding of toll), Deccan, possibly Hyderabad, mid 19th century, cotton; with stencilled and painted design, gold and silver applied with an adhesive and painted pigments, including copper acetate arsenite (‘emerald green’)

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