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Fall has arrived!

Zheng Zhong (paintings dated 1610-1648) Traveler in Autumn Mountains, 1644, Fan painting, ink and color on gold-coated paper 50.2 x 16.4 cm. (19 ¾ x 6 ½ in.),

This is the final week of our Asia Week New York Autumn 2021 virtual exhibition!
Please click here to view it: Many works can only be seen online:

Classical Chinese and Japanese works at Kaikodo LLC
A selection of Japanese prints from different periods at The Art of Japan and 20th century prints at Egenolf Gallery Japanese Prints.
Contemporary Japanese baskets at TAI Modern.
Classical Japanese works of art at Hiroshi Yanagi Oriental Fine Art.

Classical Indian paintings at Oliver Forge and Brendan Lynch, Ltd.
These are also shown by Francesca Galloway along with other Indian works of art.
Thomas Murray focuses on tribal gold pieces from Indonesia.
Akar Prakar has a set of black and white woodcut prints depicting scenes from Indian mythology.

You can also make an appointment to view the shows at the following participating New York-based galleries in person:
For Chinese art, especially ceramics, visit Ralph M. Chait Galleries, Inc. at 16 East 52nd Street, 10th Floor.
If you are looking for Chinese paintings, contemporary artist Tai Xiangzhou’s ink paintings are on view at Fu Qiumeng Fine Art at 65 East 80th Street.

Radha Watching a Storm, Signed ‘Mohammadi’, Mandi, dated 1824 (Samvat 1854), Opaque watercolor heightened with gold on paper

A wide selection of classical Indian and Himalayan art can be found at Kapoor Galleries at 34 East 67th Street.
DAG at 41 East 57th Street, Suite 708, is showing the exhibition, The Wonder of India: Explorations through 19th and 20th Century Art.

For classical Japanese art, go to Koichi Yanagi Oriental Fine Arts at 17 East 71st Street, 4th floor.
18th century Japanese prints and paintings are featured at Sebastian Izzard LLC Asian Art at 17 East 76th Street, 3rd Floor.
Scholten Japanese Art at 145 West 58th Street, Suite 6D, has an exhibition of Japanese prints produced before and after the Kanto Earthquake in Tokyo in 1923.

Set of Five Mukōzuke Dishes with Design of Plum Flower Blossoms and Geometric shapes, Mino ware, Green Oribe type, Momoyama period, 16th-17th century, Glazed stoneware
H 4.9 x L 11.1 x W 13.0 cm each, courtesy of Koichi Yanagi Oriental Fine Arts

Visit the following galleries to see contemporary Japanese art in several media:
Japanese ceramics by Suzuki Osamu and others are shown at Dai Ichi Arts Ltd at 18 East 64th Street.
Joan B. Mirviss LTD at 39 East 78th Street, 4th Floor, highlights the Mino ware ceramics of artists Hori Ichiro and Ito Hidehito.
Paintings by Ken Matsubara and other works evoking the season can be found at Ippodo Gallery at 32 East 67th Street.
At Onishi Gallery at 521 West 26th Street the spotlight is on vessels made from various metals and unique Japanese alloys.
Thomsen Gallery at 9 East 63rd Street, 2nd Floor, is showing nature paintings by Japanese artist Minol Araki (1928-2010).

Paintings of the sea by Paris-based contemporary Korean artist Cho Taikho are on view at HK Art & Antiques at 49 East 78th Street, 4B.

Zetterquist Galleries at 3 East 66th Street, 2B, is giving contemporary ceramic artist Ipek Kotan her first US show.