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Explore the Ancient Tea Horse Road Expedition with Songtsam


View of Songtsam’s Padma Pu-er Hotel in Pu’er City, Yunnan Province

Embark on a journey of a lifetime with Songtsam, the award winning luxury boutique group of hotels, lodges, and tours located in the Yunnan and Tibet provinces of China this summer!

Opened a few years ago, Songtsam’s Padma Pu’er Hotel is located in the Wetland Park in the northern part of Simao district, Pu’er city, known for pu’er tea. This greenery-strewn city garden is filled with the aroma of coffee and tea and is the fitting starting point for Songtsam’s Ancient Tea Horse Road Expedition from Yunnan to Tibet tour route, which is part of the historic Silk Road.

L-R: Luxurious rooms and seasonal dishes with local seasonal ingredients offered at Padma Pu’er Hotel

The four-story Padma Pu’er Hotel has 25 luxurious rooms, each with their own private balconies where guests can enjoy the surrounding natural beauty. The public area of the hotel includes a Chinese restaurant, swimming pool, tea room, and garden, along with other facilities.

Pu’er boasts a wealth of local ingredients, characterized by distinctive culinary flavors and cooking techniques. In addition to various seasonal dishes developed using local seasonal ingredients with the most alluring fragrance of spices of the land, coffee and tea coexist harmoniously in the magical land of Pu’er.

Start planing an unforgettable holiday at Songtsam’s Padma Pu’er Hotel and take a living tour of history today!

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