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Don’t Miss The Rain Freshens at Fu Qiumeng Fine Art

Zhang Xiaoli, Klotski II, 2022, Chinese ink and color on silk, Each: 31 1/2 x 33 1/2 in. (80 x 85 cm.)

Summer Group Show: The Rain Freshens, Fu Qiumeng Fine Art
Concludes September 3, 2022

Fu Qiumeng Fine Art’s summer group show The Rain Freshens features the works of four new-generation ink painters who explore and reinterpret classical aesthetic paradigms and practices from both Eastern and Western tradition. The artists include Chen Duxi (born 1983), Yau Wing Fung (born 1990), Zhang Xiaoli (born 1989), and Zhang Yirong (born 1979).

The title of the exhibition, “The Rain Freshens,” is derived from the English translation of 空山新雨后 – “an empty mountain after freshly fallen rain” written by the Tang dynasty poet Wang Wei 王維 (699-751) in Autumn Twilight, Dwelling Among Mountains《山居秋瞑》. This poetic scene is uncannily parallel to the term “petrichor,” with its ancient Greek root, describing the earthy and pleasant scent that permeates the air when rain first falls on dry soil. Although Wang’s writings and the concept of petrichor originate from different cultures and contexts, both use literary synesthesia as a rhetorical device to transcend the boundaries between the visual and olfactory senses and capture the artistic form of the throb of new life in nature. Despite the perceived cultural differences, art strives to explore human life and nature. This exhibition bridges across cultures to represent a new generation of contemporary ink painters who practice and create art in a newly interconnected and globalized world.

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