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Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd. Celebrates Asia Week with Living National Treasures from Japan in INTANGIBLE HERITAGE

Matsui Kosei (1927-2003), L-R: Jar, Neriage, Cleft Marbelized, 1985, marbelized stoneware; Jar with “Marbeling” Neriage Glaze, 1990s, marbelized stoneware; and Jar, Neriage, Glaze Marbelized, 1986, marbleized stoneware

March 10-31

For their Asia Week New York showcase this March 2023, Dai Ichi will present a selection of ceramic Living National Treasures artists, showcasing the revered Japanese modern masters in a new light. Porcelain, stoneware, celadon and iron glazes range in style, suggestive of the leaders who pioneered their respective craft to great acclaim and legacy the world over.

The honorific “Living National Treasure” dates back to 1947, when Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs sought a system to preserve artistic heritage deemed “intangible”.  It signifies “Preservers of Important Intangible Cultural Properties (重要無形文化財保持者)”. Artists Hadama Shoki, Shimaoka Tatsuzo, and Isezaki Jun feature prominently in the showcase, as does the vibrant art of Tokuda Yasokichi.

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