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Currently on view at Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd.

Ion Fukazawa, b. 1990, Returning to the  Earth 1, 2021, Stoneware
H11″ x L11.8″ x W11.8″ (H28cm x L30cm x W30cm)

Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd. is delighted to introduce rising star and Tajimi-based artist Ion Fukazawa's series: “Returning to the Earth” to our gallery space this May. Ion's works interrogate the difference between artificial and natural forms. In an era when human activity spans almost all the surfaces of the Earth, what is the formal difference between nature and artifice? What is our role in defining our current Anthropocene? Ion is interested in Kogei (Japanese traditional craft) and was taught by Harumi Nakashima. 

Materiality, form, and function are the cornerstones of Ion's works, which articulate the movement of the clay from the centrifugal force created from the rotating wheel. As we return to the clay medium this month, we are proud to present the first of a series of 4 pieces. For more details, click here.