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Current exhibitions at Onishi Gallery until December 19

Ōsumi Yukie, Silver Vase Kaikei (Seascape), 2019
hammered silver with nunomezōgan (textile imprint inlay) decoration in lead and gold
h. 7 7/8 x w. 13 5/8 x d. 12 5/8 in.
20 x 34.5 x 32 cm

The Four Elements in Japanese Arts: Earth, Air, Fire, Water showcases the technical mastery of Contemporary Japanese metalwork artists. Featured artists draw upon the four central elements of earth, air, fire, and water in metalwork creations to communicate core themes and creative visions that ground Japanese art and life. Artists include numerous Living National Treasures as well as master artists.

Contemporary Japanese Porcelain

The selection includes the porcelain works of seven internationally renowned artists, from the subtle elegance of Inoue Manji (b. 1929, Living National Treasure) to the modern Rinpa aesthetics of Imaizumi Imaemon XIV (b. 1962, Living National Treasure).

In the viewing room Osume Yukie: The Soul of Gold offers a glimpse into the insider world of traditional Japanese metalwork from the perspective of a Living National Treasure, in celebration of Ōsumi Yukie’s new book, “The Soul of Gold: Tales from a Japanese Metal Artist’s Studio.”