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Bingyi performs at China Institute

Bingyi's Lotus Dynasty: Performance, Music, and Conversation with Epic Avant-Garde Artist Bingyi, China Institute
Live performance: Wednesday, March 23, 6:30pm

Why is China’s most epic artist inventing a new imaginary dynasty, with complex rituals and evocative music of its own? Bingyi, an avant-garde thinker, designer and artist, whose monumental ink paintings sometimes cascade down entire mountainsides, will tell us how, in China’s chaotic, consumer culture, the past holds surprising and vital lessons. Enter her world for an immersive evening—a “Lotus Dynasty” wedding extravaganza featuring music, art, and breathtaking couture costumes, followed by a conversation between Bingyi and Curator Susan Beningson about what it all means.

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An assembly of Kondō Takahiro's ceramic sculptures set below several ink paintings by Bingyi at the collaborative exhibition by INKstudio and Joan B Mirviss LTD

Bingyi's ink paintings are also now on view in INKstudio's Asia Week New York exhibition, Bingyi: Land of Immortals. This show is displayed in conversation with Joan B Mirviss LTD's Kondō Takahiro: Making Waves. The idea for the collaboration was sparked by Bingyi's emotional response to a chance encounter with Kondō Takahiro's ceramics, which he terms “porcelain ink paintings.” As described by Craig Yee, program director and co-founder of INKstudio, the powerful symmetry shared by the work of these two artists, one working in clay and one in ink-on-paper, is that both allow water to be the prominent creative force.

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