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AWNY Preview Part IV: Japanese Objects of Beauty on Display for Asia Week


Top L-R: Yamada Hikaru 山田光, Juts in a Clay Plane 陶面の中の凸面, 1976, glazed ceramic, 17 1/4 x 13 3/4 x 3 7/8 in., Dai Ichi Arts Ltd.; Kintsugi Teabowl, Karatsu ware, Momoyama period, H: 1 ¾ in., D: 5 ½ in., BachmannEckenstein Japanese Art; Kondō Takahiro, Cobalt and green-glazed large conical bowl with small flat base and “silver mist” overglaze, 2020, glazed porcelain with gintekisai “silver mist” overglaze, 13 x 22 in., Joan B Mirvis LTD; Kajiwara Koho, Peony Basket, Japan, late 20th c., madake bamboo and rattan, TAI Modern. Bottom L-R: Nakagawa Mamoru, Living National Treasure, Yubae (Sunset’s Glow), 2013, cast alloy of copper, silver, and tin with inlays of copper, silver, and gold, H: 7 1/2 x W: 12 5/8 x D: 5 1/2 in., Onishi Gallery; Blue-and-white Ceramic Jar with Dragon Design, Yi Dynasty, 18th c., 30.8 x 36 cm, Hiroshi Yanagi Oriental Art; Tiered Accessory Box with Cormorant and Fish, 1933, Japan, maki-e lacquer on wood with silver rims, 8¾ x 11¼ x 8¾ in., Thomsen Gallery

With Asia Week New York just around the corner, this is the last roundup of exceptional works of art that will be exhibited next week.  From ceramics and lacquered boxes to intricate bamboo baskets, prepare to be dazzled by these Japanese objects from seven of our acclaimed dealers.

BachmannEckenstein Japanese Art
Japanese Art | Pre-modern and beyond
March 15–19, 2024
Leslie Feely 1044 Madison Avenue, Suite #4F

BachmammEckenstein Japanese Art is pleased to present Japanese Art | Pre-modern and beyond featuring outstanding artists’ letters, trending Kintsugi pieces and paintings by Fukuda Kodojin which recently were exhibited in the artist’s monumental retrospective at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd. 
Ceramic Frontiers: Sodeisha & Shikokai in Post-war Japanese Art
March 12–28, 2024
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 14, 5:30-7:30pm
18 East 64th Street, Suite 1F

In the landscape of mid-20th century Japan, two significant sculptural ceramic movements, Sodeisha and Shikokai, emerged concurrently during the post-war period. Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd. is thrilled to present a landmark exhibition this March that illuminates the richness of these historical movements, offering a distinctive lens through which to explore “Post-war” ceramics from Japan.

Joan B Mirviss LTD
Eternal Partnership: Japanese Ceramics in Blue & White
March 14–April 19, 2024
39 East 78th Street, Suite 401

The most visually striking color combination for centuries, blue and white has been paired effectively in all types of Japanese art, but most prominently and successfully in its ceramics. For Asia Week New York this year, Joan B Mirviss LTD presents the enduring legacy of this timeless aesthetic, and its dynamic expressions in Japanese contemporary clay, through the lens of the esteemed Kyoto-based Kondō family.

Onishi Gallery
KOGEI and Art
Inoue Manji / David Stanley Hewett
March 14–22, 2024
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 14, 5-8pm
521 West 26th Street

Onish Gallery is pleased to be presenting two exhibitions during Asia Week – KOGEI and Art, marking the inauguration of KOGEI USA, a non-profit dedicated to the revitalization of Japan’s world-famous KOGEI (art crafts) and Inoue Manji / David Stanley Hewett celebrating Living National Treasure Inoue Manji and Japan based artist David Stanley Hewett.

TAI Modern
A Pause in Time, An Emptiness in Space: Ma in Japanese Bamboo Art
March 14–22, 2024
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 14, 5-9 pm
Colnaghi 23 East 67th Street, Fourth Floor

TAI Modern returns to Asia Week New York this spring with A Pause in Time, An Emptiness in Space: Ma in Japanese Bamboo Art, a special exhibition of extraordinary works by some of bamboo art’s most esteemed artists, both historic and contemporary.

Thomsen Gallery
Japanese Modern Masterpieces 1910-1950
March 14–22, 2024
9 East 63rd Street

Thomsen Gallery is pleased to present a collection of Japanese modern masterpieces from 1910 to 1950 at their Upper East Side gallery during this 15th year of Asia Week New York.

Hiroshi Yanagi Oriental Art
New Acquisitions: A Selection of Japanese and Korean Art
March 14–19, 2024
Nicholas Hall 17 East 76th Street, 4th Floor

Hiroshi Yanagi Oriental Art is pleased to feature their newest acquisitions this Spring, including a six-panel gold-leaf folding screen depicting a children’s seasonal festival, a 12th century seated Amida Nyoral and a Yi Dynasty blue-and-white ceramic jar.