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AWNY Members in Madison Spring Gallery Walk 2022

Madison Avenue Spring Gallery Walk 2022
Saturday, May 14, 10am-6pm

Join ARTnews and AWNY members DAG, Ippodo, Kapoor Galleries, Thomsen Gallery, and MIYAKO YOSHINAGA, among other gallery participants for this season's Madison Avenue Spring Gallery Walk on Saturday, May 14, from 10am to 6pm. This free event invites the public to visit participating galleries, view their exhibitions and attend expert talks led by artists and curators on Madison Avenue & side streets from East 57 to East 86 St.

41 East 57 Street, Suite 708 (Madison-Park) (11am-6pm)
DAG presents A Place in The Sun: Women Artists from 20th Century India, an exhibition exploring the remarkable contribution of women artists in the context of Indian modernism, representing a selection of trailblazers, each of whom crafted a unique identity and practice. This exhibition surveys their artistic journeys at a time when women were discouraged from pursuing art, and uncovers the wide breadth of their interests including early abstract painting, the arduous regimen of making sculptures, and printmaking. Curated by Kishore Singh, Senior VP-Exhibitions and Publications, DAG, the exhibition opened on March 15, 2022 at DAG New York coinciding with the Women's History Month.
Gallery Talks: 11am, 12pm, 2pm, 3pm & 5pm: Josheen Oberoi will give a director’s talk about the current exhibition A Place in The Sun, discussing the life and work of the eight featured women artists.

Ippodo Gallery:
32 East 67 Street (Madison-Park) (10am-6pm)
Toshio Tokunaga (born 1952) is a craftsman whose expertise in furniture is uniquely attuned to the natural world. Precious Zelkova, mulberry, cherry and cypress woods are all sourced with passion and dedication from local forests, then dried for decades. The craftsman delicately familiarizes with each rare tree’s individual spirit, allowing him to develop a strong bond with the work. Tokunaga can thus infuse each chair with this warm understanding. The rich, dark Kyoto chair is made from the vivid wood of a zelkova tree grown inside the Daitokuji Temple in Kyoto for the last 800 years. The Japanese word for zelkova is keyaki, which is closely tied to keyakeki, meaning prominent or outstanding, just as the wood stands strong.
Gallery Talk: 2pm: Amidst the unpredictability of the pandemic, bringing nature home acts as a cure for the uncertainty. The healing properties of forest bathing overcome the sitter as the chair envelops body and soul, awash in the relaxation and tranquility found in the protection of the deep woods. The positive energy of the gathering and crafting process is a poetry of sorts, a way to reconnect with the outdoors from the inside. Come learn more about the artist Toshio Tokunaga and his chairs.

Kapoor Galleries:
34 East 67 Street, Floor 3 (Madison-Park) (11am-5pm)
Kapoor Galleries presents Dhanvantari’s Blessing for the Madison Avenue Spring 2022 Gallery Walk. Highlights of the exhibition include a delicately rendered Company School painting of a great Indian fruit bat; two illustrations from the ‘Large’ Guler-Basohli Bhagavata Purana series by the first generation after Manaku and Nainsukh; a splendid Mughal khanjar with a jeweled jade hilt; and two vibrant paintings from a unique Nepalese Bhagavata Purana series. Proof of Covid-19 vaccination required for admission.
Gallery Talk: 2pm: Join Sanjay Kapoor as he leads you through a brief tour of our exhibition, Dhanvantari’s Blessing, consisting of the aforementioned highlights along with many fine Indian miniature paintings and arms as well as a carefully-curated selection of sculptures from India, Nepal, and Tibet.

24 East 64 Street (Madison-Fifth) (11am-6pm)
Éhagaki: Solo Exhibition by Emi Anraukuji—Award-winning Japanese photographer Emi Anrakuji is best known for her intimate and elusive self-portraits blended with surrealistic atmospheres. This exhibition features these portraits printed on vintage picture postcards (in Japanese, éhagaki found in her family attic). Landscapes and famous sights from around the world overcast with her shadowy figures evoke a dream-like parallel universe. Proof of Covid-19 vaccination required for admission.
Gallery Talks: 3pm & 4pm: gallery owner/director Miyako Yoshinaga will walk you through the exhibition.

Thomsen Gallery:
9 East 63 Street (Madison-Fifth) (11am-6pm)
Masterpieces of Japanese Art 1910 to 1940
Gallery Talks: 2pm, 3pm & 4pm: 1910 to 1940 was a period of great change for Japan and its arts when superb works were created for the domestic market, in contrast to the export-oriented output during the preceding Meiji era (1868-1912). Although most artists during 1910-1940 remained focused on traditional themes, their work often experiments with new materials and perspectives and shows Western influences. Paintings and works of art from the period will be shown and discussed to illustrate the changes.

Due to limited capacity, registration is required to reserve a space at each participating gallery. To read more and register, please click here to go to the organizing website. There, click on the green “Book Now” button above. Each gallery visit booking must be done separately.

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