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Asia Week New York March 2024 – Sales in the Galleries


Folio from a Company School album of botanical paintings, Mango (Mangifera indica), India, circa 1830, watercolor on paper, 17 x 22 in. (43.2 x 56 cm), courtesy Oliver Forge and Brendan Lynch Ltd.

Asia Week New York wrapped with another splendid year where our galleries were extremely active and sold a great deal of important works of art. Below is a survey of some of the many successful sales, with wonderful Asian art pieces being placed in both private and public collections.

Ralph M. Chait Galleries, Inc.
Spring Exhibition of Chinese Porcelain and Works of Art
Amongst their healthy sales of porcelain, wood sculpture, and Chinese export silver was this Chinese Famille Verte Plate from the Kangxi period with stunning butterfly and flower decoration.


Egenolf Gallery Japanese Prints
Supernatural: Cat Demons, Ogres and Shapeshifters
Visited by curators from many national museums, the gallery sold a number of woodblock prints including Woman Wearing an Under-sash by Itō Shinsui.


Oliver Forge & Brendan Lynch Ltd.
Gods, Gardens, and Princes: Indian Works on Paper
Included in the sales going to a London collector, an American museum, and a non-Indian Asian museum were Mango (Mangifera indica) and The King of Afghanistan Zaman Shah Durrani leaving Lahore.


Fu Qiumeng Fine Art
Literati and Rocks Amidst Verdant Bloom
With more curators and clients visiting Asia Week New York this year, especially collectors traveling from Asia, one of their many sales was Box Unlimited by contemporary ink artist, Zhang Xiaoli.

Francesca Galloway
Indian Panting: Intimacy and Formality
There was overwhelming enthusiasm for Indian painting and decorative arts by both collectors and museums, including four whimsical early 18th century Bikaner paintings joined together to make a composition that recalls a 17th century Mughal floral painting.


Ippodo Gallery
Cosmic Sound: Magnificent Paintings and Screen by Ken Matsubara
Numerous private collectors and museums purchased pieces from this exhibition, including Sun & Moon–one of the featured paintings by Ken Matsubara–which is going to an important public institution.


Sebastian Izzard LLC Asian Art
Japanese Paintings, Prints, and Illustrated Books: 1760-1810
Among the mix of paintings (both hanging scrolls and a six-panel screen), prints, and illustrated books that sold to museums and private collectors was Suzuki Harunobu’s, Narihira’s Journey to the East.


Kapoor Galleries
Time is a Construct
Dozens of viewers, buyers, scholars, and curators visited the gallery with a great number of works sold, including Illustration to the ‘Large’ Guler-Basohli Bhagavata Purana:The Liberation of Nalakuvara and Manigriva Attributed to Manaku Guler-Basohli.


Joan B Mirviss LTD
Eternal Partnership: Japanese Ceramics and Blue and White
This collaboration with Porcelains in the Mist: The Kondō Family of Ceramicists at the Brooklyn Museum, along with private events and their gallery artist Kondo Takahiro in attendance saw over 70 works placed in  both private collections and major institutions, including this rare calligraphic vase by Kitaōji Rosanjin (1883-1959).


Thomas Murray
Recent Acquisitions: Patola, Ainu, Boro
Visited by numerous national museums and informed private collectors, the gallery sold Indian patola silks and Ainu robes, one of which is a rare striking geometric white on indigo Kaparamip Robe.


Scholten Japanese Art
COLLECTING THE MASTER: The Binnie Collection of Hiroshi Yoshida Paintings
Many collectors and curators appreciated this very special private collection of paintings by Hiroshi Yoshida, assembled by the artist Paul Binnie. Among the works sold was Boats, a sumi ink on silk scroll painting.

Yoshida Boats

TAI Modern
A Pause in Time, An Emptiness in Space: Ma in Japanese Bamboo Art
Among the many sales of historic and contemporary works in this exhibition was a Peony Basket by Kajiwara Koho.


Thomsen Gallery
Japanese Modern Masterpieces 1910-1950
Many of the Japanese lacquer boxes, bamboo baskets, and screens in this exhibition found buyers, including Beauty with Fan, a hanging scroll by Yamakawa Shūhō (1898-1944), from the 1920s.


Zetterquist Galleries
Chinese and Vietnamese Ceramics from Private and American and Japanese Collections
With many national museum curators visiting throughout Asia Week, seventy-five percent of this exhibition was sold, including this large 15-16th century blue and white jar with Ruyi decoration, from the Le-So dynasties in Vietnam.


Read more about the feedback from our AWNY dealers and combined sales between the twenty-one galleries and five auction houses in the recent Press Release here.