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Asia Week New York March 2022 – Sales in the Galleries

Ken Matsubara, Chaos (detail), 2021, 12-panel screen, Ippodo Gallery

Asia Week New York galleries were extremely active during this season and sold many important works of art. Below is a survey of some of the many successful sales, with many wonderful works of Asian art going to new homes.

Dai Ichi Arts LTD
Future Forms: Avant-Garde Sculpture in Modern Japanese Ceramics
Among the works of art that were sold was The Scripture of Himiko, made in the 1990s in stoneware with gold luster by Miwa Ryosaku

Egenolf Gallery Japanese Prints
Masterworks by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892)
Included in the several works that the gallery sold is this rare print by Yoshitoshi of Sogo Goro Gallops Bareback to Oiso Triptych

Fu Qiumeng Fine Arts
Ink Affinities 墨缘: The Collaborative Works of Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney
Several works were sold, including the innovative Salt Lattice, made in 2018

HK Art and Antiques LLC
Korean Paintings and Sculptures: Past and Present
Among the works that were sold was this Late Joseon dynasty eight-panel screen depicting scenes from the Three Kingdoms (Samgugji)

Bingyi: Land of Immortals
From the collaboration with Kondō Takahiro: Making Waves, organized by Joan B Mirviss LTD, several ink paintings by Bingyi were sold, including these three leaves from her series Eight Views of Bewilderment to a New York collector

Ippodo Gallery
Chaos to Cosmos: White Road between Two Rivers
Among other sales, Ippodo Gallery sold Ken Matsubara's monumental, 12-panel screen Chaos to the Minneapolis Institute of Art

Sebastian Izzard Asian Art
Privately Commissioned Japanese Prints and Albums from the Late 18th and Early 19th Centuries
This exhibition is nearly sold out, including the rare set of eight woodblock prints, Eight Views of the Suburbs of Edo (Edo kinkō hakkei no uchi) by Utagawa Hiroshige 

Brendan Lynch and Oliver Forge Ltd
India and Iran: Works on Paper
Half the exhibition was sold to European, Asian, and American private collectors and museums, including this Dance Performance (Nautch) for a Group of Seated Gentleman, by the Company School, Thanjavu, circa 1810-1820

Joan B Mirviss LTD
Kondō Takahiro: Making Waves
From this (nearly?…..the exhibition is still open!) sold-out show, going to a new home is one of the largest and most imposing art works, Kondō Takahiro's Wave, made in 2021

Thomas Murray
Important Indian, Indonesian and Other Textiles
Several works sold, including this very rare and imposing Attush Robe of the Ainu People from Hokkaido, purchased by the Minneapolis Institute of Art

Onishi Gallery
The Eternal Beauty of Metal
From the number of works sold in this exhibition is the featured item Tea Caddy Shunpu (Spring Wind) by Murose Kazumi, a Living National Treasure

Scholten Japanese Art
Influencers: Japonisme and Modern Japan
Many of the prints in this exhibition found buyers, including Bertha Lum's Bamboo Road, a woodblock print made circa 1912

TAI Modern
Yufu Shohaku Solo Exhibition; Selected Works of Japanese Bamboo Art
Among the several sales in this exhibition is Genbu (Black Tortoise) by Yufu Shohaku

“In the Space of the Near and Distant”- Solo Exhibition by Jonathan Yukio Clark
Several large works were sold from this exhibition, including Moon Rise in the Quiet Wind, executed with his monotype technique

Zetterquist Galleries
Chinese Ceramics from Tang – Yuan Dynasty
Approximately two-thirds of this exhibition was sold, including this imposing Tang-dynasty Xing-yao bottle vase