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Arts of Asia Lecture Series at the Asian Art Museum

Samsung Hall, Asian Art Museum

A Curious Affair – Toward an Understanding of Art and Globalization
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco – Samsung Hall
Friday, August 25, 2023
10:30 AM

As an industrialized world grew more connected, how did Asian countries respond? Humans have always been curious about the cultures of faraway lands, and precious trade objects have offered a window into the lives of their makers. Advances in maritime technology at the beginning of the 15th century led to a veritable explosion of material and information exchange between distant nations. Christian Jesuit priests traveled to all parts of Asia, leaving behind visible legacies; at the same time, China emerged as the springboard for ideas and cultures that spread throughout Asia and beyond, while the Ottoman empire created artwork reflecting its globally intermediary position.

At the dawn of the 20th century, countries debated the meaning of national identities and modern society. Meanwhile, European military power and colonial policies drastically altered the course of history. As their world changed, how did Asian countries react?

Join Forrest McGill, the Wattis Curator of South and Southeast Asian Art, as he kicks off this lecture series with a discussion on the art and ideas that resulted from these interactions, conflicts, and exchanges.

Tickets for talks in this series are available at the door.

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