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Artist Spotlight: Matsuda Yuriko Exhibiting at Dai Ichi Arts

From left to right: Water Pitcher 水注, enamel glazed porcelain, 6 x 9.6 x 7 in.; Flower Vessel 花器, enamel glazed porcelain, 9.9 x 6 x 5.9 in.; In her Shoes 2, 2008, enamel glazed porcelain, 6.5 x 10.5 x 3 in.

Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd.
Clay in Motion: Women Artists in Contemporary Japanese Ceramics
July 20–August 18, 2023

In the tradition of American Pop Art, celebrated ceramic artist, Matsuda Yuriko 松田百合子 (b. 1943) transforms traditional materials of porcelain and enamel glaze into colorful flights of imagination. Her use of everyday objects as central subjects in her eccentric work has a strange quality that pulls the viewer into the piece, demanding further investigation. While Matsuda finds inspiration in French artist Henri Matisse's use of vibrant, unnatural color in his paintings, her work remains deeply original in its essential zest for the things of everyday life.

Experience these whimsical works at Dai Ichi Art’s current group show Clay in Motion: Women Artists in Japanese Ceramics.  From emerging artists to those who are part of a vanguard generation of highly influential post-war artists in Japan, the works presented in this exhibition are imbued with intelligence, creativity, and sensitivity for form.

View Matsuda Yuriko's works here.