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Art, Ritual and Religion: The Bridge Between the Living and the Dead at China Institute

Age of Empire and the Afterlife: Qin and Han Dynasty (221 BCE-220CE)
China Institute
Online workshop, November 30, 7-9pm

Amid power consolidation, an empire was emerging, as well as philosophical thoughts and religious belief that built the foundation for the concept of this world and for afterlife in Chinese culture. How profound was this process and its lasting influence in the history of China and the world?

This presentation is one in a series of programs for educators, Art, Ritual and Religion: Art Vessels to Buddha Images: The Bridge Between the Living and the Dead, that is also available to the public. Featured speaker is experienced scholar Professor Annette Juliano.

The final program, Opening of the Lotus: Emergence of Buddhism (25-420 CE) will be held online on December 14 at 7-9pm.

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