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Akar Prakar Presents Piyali Sadhukhan’s “Kingdom of Cards”

Piyali Sadhukhan (born 1979), Centrifugal, mixed media on canvas, 83 x 117 cm.

Kingdom of Cards by Piyali Sadhukhan, Akar Prakar Gallery
Now on view-January 14, 2022

In their New Delhi gallery, Akar Prakar is currently exhibiting work by the mixed-media artist Piyali Sadhukhan, which can be seen in person and on the gallery's website. Drawing inspiration from literature, history and media, Sadhukhan's images are a visceral portrayal of historical events and our shared lived experiences. Here, the artist embodies the spirit of a storyteller and uses the devices of narrative storytelling, one of the oldest forms of mass media. As the viewer engages with each art work, they enter into a mythical land created by the artist. But as they grow intimate with each work, they are left asking whether what they see is really a myth or fiction. Because fantasy has never seemed more real than this.

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