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A Wealth of Information is Shared by AWNY Members!

Clockwise from top left: Susumu Shingu, courtesy of Ippodo Gallery; Dr. Xu Tingting and Hisao Hanafusa, courtesy of Fu Qiumeng Fine Art; Gift of Charles Lang Freer, Charles Lang Freer Papers, National Museum of Asian Art Archives, FSA_A.01_12.01.2.3, Photograph by Alvin Langdon Coburn; and A still from Miao Ying's Surplus Intelligence, courtesy of the artist, Asia Society

Asia Week New York gallery and museum specialists have been busy writing and taping informative and engaging essays and recordings that offer insights and details about Asian art currently on view. Below are just a few examples of stories well worth checking out.

Fu Qiumeng Fine Art:
Fu Qiumeng is dedicated to sharing news and in-depth information through lectures, essays, online postings, and specially curated exhibitions by emerging scholars. Most recently in the gallery's online News section, Dr. Tingting Xu, exhibition curator and Arnaldo Momigliano Postdoctoral Scholar in the Division of the Humanities at the University of Chicago, published Interview | Hisao Hanafusa: “I Do It with Nature!”. This detailed and personal exploration of the artist's history, influences, and artistic goals, replete with a variety of illustrations, sheds revealing light on his artworks now on view in the gallery. To read this informative conversation, click here.

Ippodo Gallery:
Available in Ippodo Gallery's online Journal, Ippodo staff member Jesse Gross surveys the biography, career, and art of Susumu Shingu, whose kinetic sculptures are now on view in the gallery. To read Gross's illustrated essay, Artist Retrospective: Susumu Shingu, Sculpting with Wind, which was published just yesterday, click here.

Also in Ippodo Gallery's online Journal and complementing Gross's overview is a closer look by Ippodo Director Shoko Aono at some of Susumu's large sculptural installations . Featuring several impressive photographs, this essay Kinetic Sculptor: Susumu Shingu was published last month and can be found, click here.

Asia Society:
Published in Asia Society's online Magazine and in Wired, Jennifer Conrad, Brooklyn-based writer and a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, interviews artist Miao Ying in Artificial Intelligence; Real Art. Their exchange explores Miao's half-hour animated film Surplus Intelligence, on view at Asia Society New York through the end of the year, and springs into larger questions about AI and technology. To read this discussion, click here.

National Museum of Asian Art, Smithsonian Institution
To assemble a world-class and comprehensive art collection requires a platoon of dealers, advisors, museum specialists, and facilitators. Charles Lang Freer, whose collection forms the foundation of the NMAA, relied on the preeminent figures of his day. Accompanying the current ongoing exhibition Freer’s Global Network: Artists, Collectors, and Dealers, the online essay Freer's Global Network investigates the specialists around the world that made Freer's storied collection possible. Particularly useful are the links to additional resources that make further deep dives possible. To read this report, click here