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Last Days to View Zhang Xiaoli: Whimsical Maze 张小黎: 清妙奇踪 at Fu Qiumeng Fine Art


Zhang Xiaoli, Infinite Loop 江山无尽, 2023, Chinese ink and colour on silk 绢本水墨设色, 36 x 63 1/4 in. (91.4 x 160.7 cm)

Zhang Xiaoli: Whimsical Maze 张小黎: 清妙奇踪
Closing Saturday, February 3, 2024

There is still time to visit Fu Qiumeng Fine Art and experience the works of contemporary female artist Zhang Xiaoli in her inaugural North American solo exhibition Whimsical Maze 清妙奇踪.  This exhibition traces the poetic experiments of Eastern aesthetics intertwined with scientific concepts. Using the gentle and delicate technique of fine brushwork on silk and paper, Zhang Xiaoli constructs ethereal and wondrous parallel worlds, narrating realms of free interest amidst distortions and imagination.

In this recent work, Infinite Loop 江山无尽, Zhang Xiaoli draws inspiration from topology, notably the Möbius strip in topological geometry. This structure, with one surface and boundary, symbolizes infinity like an endless loop, embodying eternity and continuous flow. The artwork intricately combines elements like water‘s flow, fire’s intensity, wood‘s resilience, and stone’s stability. These elements intertwine with the Möbius strip‘s infinity and topology’s connectivity, representing the physical world‘s cycles of coming together and transformation. Zhang Xiaoli uses these interactions to explore the delicate link between nature and abstract concepts, creating a unified entity that blends the real and the ethereal, form and concept.

Be sure to visit to take in this painting and her other wondrous works before the exhibition closes this Saturday.

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