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Behind the Scenes at the Galleries

Above: Giuseppe Piva, from Milan, Italy, unpacking boxes and boxes of artwork.

Our dealers are hard at work installing their exhibitions and getting ready to open to the public on Thursday, March 15—take a look behind the scenes:

Unpacking boxes at Tai Modern…

…matting prints at Scholten Japanese Art…

….planning the layout at Findlay Galleries…

…making sure everything is level at Oliver Forge & Brendan Lynch Ltd…

…hanging artwork at Robert Kuo Ltd…

…carefully handling textiles at Alan Kennedy…

…multi-tasking at Tenzing Asian Art…

….installing lights at Michael Hughes LLC…

…working as a team at Kai Gallery…

…adjusting the spotlight on a Lee Ufan work at Littleton & Hennessy Asian Art…

…and setting up gorgeous flower arrangements at Dai Ichi Arts Ltd!

See you tomorrow in the galleries!


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Spotlight on AMAN, Presenting Sponsor of
Asia Week New York 2018

Since 1988, Aman has been to its guests both a retreat and a step forward – an opportunity to cast aside quotidian distractions and explore the possibilities of a better, more nourished self. From untouched Indonesian islands to the heart of the world’s greatest cities, Aman’s 31 intimate sanctuaries invite guests out of their everyday lives and into a nurturing space for body, mind and spirit.

31 Extraordinary Destinations

Seek a shift

Ancient and modern healing principles converge in Aman Wellness – a chance to restore equilibrium and achieve lasting wellbeing. From the hammams of Morocco to the hot springs of Japan, begin a journey of reawakening. On an immersive retreat, allow yourself to be transformed, and unlock inner vitality with guidance from some of the world’s most renowned health specialists. 

Become a pioneer

Cross new frontiers on multi-destination journeys by air and sea. Go beyond the usual itinerary through extended, customised trips that take you from one unique destination to another. From the lofty peaks of Bhutan to the breath-taking reefs surrounding Indonesia’s fabled spice islands, Aman seeks ways to make the world’s most remote destinations accessible, through exceptional, individually curated expeditions and adventures. 

At home around the world

Available to own, Residences provide complete immersion in the Aman way of living. Created in partnership with some of the world’s most respected and visionary architects, the Residences offer their owners all the beauty, simplicity and personal attention of an Aman resort, balanced with the perfect seclusion of a private home in one of the world’s most remarkable locations. 

Learn more at

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Who’s Open When: 2018 Gallery Exhibition Dates in a Single Graph

While most gallery exhibitions are open for all ten days of Asia Week New York 2018, which runs March 15–24, several will not be open every day. And a few will stay open past March 24!

We've created a handy graph with exhibition dates for all 45 participating dealers. If an exhibition is open past the last day of Asia Week New York, the closing date is listed at far right.

Download a PDF of the graph here!
We recommend printing it out and taking it with you while you gallery hop.

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