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Ippodo Gallery


Massimo Micheluzzi: New Works

Featuring Works from Negozio Olivetti by Carlo Scarpa
Opening Reception: Thursday, April 11, 6-8pm

April 11 – May 2, 2024

This Spring, we are pleased to present two Italian Venetian artists: Massimo Micheluzzi this month, followed by Laura de Santillana in May.

Italy and Japan. Surrounded by seas, and stretching similarly great lengths from the north to the south, the two are both mountainous lands that share characteristics of geographical boundaries and climates. While the two countries differ dramatically in their histories and cultures, there is a shared sympathy between the fine elements of culture and art where craftsmen of both cultures value tradition, innovation, and expertise. We eagerly await to see what kinds of dialogue and impressions these exhibitions will induce.

The first will be Massimo Micheluzzi: New Works Featuring Works from Negozio Olivetti by Carlo Scarpa, the artist’s second solo exhibition of Murano glass, in collaboration with legendary dealer Barry Friedman LTD. The exhibit features 30 glassworks, including 11 pieces that showed at the architectural marvel Negozio Olivetti, designed by Carlo Scarpa, in Venice, Italy following the show’s conclusion in autumn 2023. The character of Micheluzzi’s sculptural works in relation to the greater architectural and decorative history of Italian craftmanship bears a close resemblance to the aesthetic harmony between people and space emphasized in Japanese culture.

Massimo’s works are mosaics of exciting patterns, uniquely Italian in sense of color, and a gentle size that fits between one’s palms. Though certainly eye-catching, the presence of each mosaic harmonizes with their surroundings, echoing architectural elements: lines, curves, and colors; materials such as cobblestones, tiles, wood; and light and shadow.

To learn more and view new works, click here.



Ippodo Gallery is a cultural bridge to Japan’s living master artists. Founded in Tokyo (1996-), the New York gallery (2008-) presents fine handcrafted and rare works created using traditional materials and methods. Each piece selected embodies Japanese aesthetic sensitivity that is born of a spiritual bond with nature. Ippodo’s exhibition program features unique objects — fine ceramics, lacquerware, metal crafts, sculpture, paintings, and works on paper — that celebrate human invention, the natural world, and sublime beauty.