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Remarks by Dessa Goddard

As the new chairman of Asia Week New York, I am so delighted to welcome you to our first virtual (and hopefully only) press preview and I thank you for the interest you’ve shown to us over the last 13 years!  Needless to say, these last 2 have been challenging for everyone but in spite of it all, Asia Week New York continues to thrive and has happily adapted to the new normal.  We have shifted to virtual activities with informative webinars featuring international specialists that attract collectors, curators, and scholars, as well as exciting semi-annual online and in person exhibitions mounted by our prestigious dealers.  This year, 22 participants, two of whom: Fu Qiumeng Fine Art and Miyako Yoshinaga: are new to Asia Week New York, will open their galleries in person–while DAG, Ippodo Gallery and Giuseppe Piva are returning after a short absence. Four galleries will exhibit online. The auction houses include Bonhams, Christie’s, Doyle, Heritage Auctions, iGavel, and Sotheby’s. 

As always, the galleries and auction houses will present a spectacular array of museum-quality treasures– from ancient to contemporary–showcasing the finest examples of porcelain, jewelry, textiles, paintings, ceramics, sculpture, bronzes and prints from different Asian countries from 2000 years BCE to the present. Asia Week New York continues as an integral part of the Asian art market for international collectors, curators and Asian art enthusiasts.

This year, the Met reception is scheduled to take place on Monday, March  21st followed by a week of auctions. We are also pleased to say that Songtsam returns as our Presenting Sponsor for Asia Week New York.

So, with that allow me to introduce you to Mike Hearn, the Douglas Dillon Chairman of the Metropolitan’s Department of Asian Art, who will tell you what they have planned this year.

Following Mike, 4 members of our planning committee will present a highlight from each of the 26 galleries and 6 auction houses.  Brendan Lynch, of Oliver Forge & Brendan Lynch, Ltd. will preview South Asian works of art; Eric Zetterquist, of his namesake gallery, will unveil some of the Chinese treasure; Christina Prescott Walker, of Sotheby’s presents Japanese works of art, and Lark Mason, founder of iGavel Auctions, will showcase some of the objects that are among the offerings at the auction houses.

Please feel free to submit your questions and we will be happy to answer them at the end of our presentation.

Closing Remarks:

Thank you, Mike, Brendan, Eric, Katherine and Lark, for guiding us through the gallery and auction highlights. And I want to thank Joan Mirviss, Erik Thomsen, Olivia Hamilton, Christina Prescott-Walker, Margaret Tao, Marilyn White and Liz Hammer who devote their time to ensure that Asia Week New York continues successfully. We look forward to welcoming you back to Asia Week New York which opens March 16 through March 25.

Marilyn will keep you updated on all our activities.