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Asia Week New York Announces 2020 Dealer Line-up

Royal betel nut cutter, kacip
Iron, gold inlay
17th-19th century
Ex Tri Heriyanto collection
5.5 in / 14 cm
Courtesy of Thomas Murray

The Asia Week New York Association is pleased to announce that 37 international galleries and six auction houses —Bonhams, Christie’s, Doyle, Heritage Auctions, iGavel, and Sotheby’s will participate in the 2020 edition of Asia Week New York, the week-long celebration of Asian art and culture that spans the metropolitan region from March 12 through 19, 2020, with some participants remaining open until March 21st.

Says Asia Week New York chairwoman Katherine Martin: “After celebrating our 10-year milestone last year, we are excited to continue our success into the next decade.” According to Ms. Martin, a vital new goal of Asia Week New York is to increase and invigorate educational initiatives by tapping into the vast knowledge of our exhibitors and coordinating additional programing with some of New York City's finest cultural institutions.  "It makes perfect sense," she adds, "that with the best-informed minds in Asian art convening in New York in March, we can expand our lecture program so that even more attendees can partake in a dynamic exchange of ideas within the various collecting sectors."

A diverse group of seven new specialists has joined Asia Week New York including: New York and Brooklyn-based Boccara Art–featuring two parallel contemporary Korean art exhibitions:  Kim Jeong Yeon at their Brooklyn gallery and a group exhibition of Cha Yun Sook and Hyun Ae Kang at their Manhattan location; New York’s Carlton Hobbs, featuring a selection of Chinese export furniture and decorative objects; Ippodo Gallery (contemporary Japanese) from New York; Thomas Murray (Asian and Tribal art, Indonesian sculpture and textiles) from Mill Valley, CA; New Dehli-based Akar Prakar (modern and contemporary Indian) debuting the work of Ganesh Haloi;, New York’s Rosenberg & Co., featuring the Vietnamese contemporary artist, Nguyen Cam; and Sokyo Gallery (contemporary Japanese ceramics) from Kyoto, Japan.  They take their place alongside the distinguished returning galleries:

Indian, Himalayan, and Southeast Asian Art

•    Walter Arader (United States)
•    Art Passages (United States)
•    Prahlad Bubbar (England)
•    Carlo Cristi (Italy)
•    Oliver Forge & Brendan Lynch Ltd (England)
•    Francesca Galloway (England)
•    Kapoor Galleries (United States) 
•    Navin Kumar Gallery (United States)
•    Susan Ollemans (England) 

Ancient and/or Contemporary Chinese Art           

•    Ralph M. Chait Galleries, Inc. (United States) 
•    Kaikodo LLC  (United States)
•    Alan Kennedy (United States)
•    J.J. Lally & Co. (United States)
•    Littleton & Hennessy Asian Art (England)
•    Zetterquist Galleries (United States)

Ancient and/or Contemporary Japanese Art

•    The Art of Japan (United States)
•    Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd. (United States)
•    Carole Davenport (United States)
•    Egenolf Gallery Japanese Prints  (United States)
•    Hara Shobo (Japan)
•    Mika Gallery (United States)
•    Joan B Mirviss LTD (United States)
•    Onishi Gallery (United States)
•    Giuseppe Piva (Italy)
•    Scholten Japanese Art (United States)
•    Erik Thomsen (United States) 
•    TAI Modern (United States)
•    Hiroshi Yanagi Oriental Art (Japan) 

Ancient and Contemporary Korean Art 

•    Kang Collection Korean Art (United States)
•    HK Art & Antiques LLC (United States)

This year, Asia Week New York welcomes Presenting Sponsor Songtsam, the luxury boutique hotel group with eleven properties (four Linka resort hotels and seven lodges) located in the Chinese provinces of Tibet and Yunnan. Founded by Baima Duoji, in 2000, the Songtsam Group is the only collection of luxury Tibetan-style retreats found across the Tibetan Plateau that offers guests sophisticated elegance, refined design, modern amenities, and unobtrusive service in places of natural beauty and cultural interest.

Asia Week New York 2020 continues to offer a non-stop round of gallery open houses, auctions sales, exhibitions, lectures, symposia and special events. To celebrate the week’s festivities, a private, invitation-only reception, jointly hosted with the Department of Asian Art of The Metropolitan Museum of Art will once again take place in the Museum’s Asian art galleries.

The comprehensive guide with maps will be available at participating galleries, auction houses and cultural institutions, starting February 2020 and online at Emphasizing the strength of interest from Chinese-speaking buyers, a Chinese version of the website is available at

Asia Week New York Association, Inc. is a 501(c) 6 non-profit trade membership organization registered with the state of New York. For more information, visit Instagram: @asiaweekny; Twitter #asiaweekny.

A Large Bronze Goose-Form Incense Burner
Early Ming Dynasty, late 14th – 15th Century
Height 14 1/2 inches (37 cm)
Length 18 3/4 inches (48 cm)
Courtesy of J.J. Lally & Co.

Krishna courting Radha with his skilful fluting
Guler, Pahari Hills, India, circa 1780
Opaque watercolour with gold on paper
18.6 by 26.6 cm. painting; 23.3 by 31.3 cm. folio
Courtesy of Oliver Forge and Brendan Lynch

Wakao Toshisada (b. 1933),
Square Oribe vase, ca. 2004,
Glazed stoneware, 
7 1/4 x 6 1/4 in.  
Photo by Richard Goodbody  
Courtesy of Joan B Mirviss LTD

GO Hee-Dong (1886-1965)
Autumn Landscape, 1956
Ink and color on paper
16 1/8 x 26 in (41 x 66 cm)
Courtesy of Kang Collection Korean Art