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Fu Qiumeng Fine Art

Yau Wing Fung: Illusion 邱荣丰:幻真

February 10 – March 9, 2024
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 10th, 3-6pm

We are delighted to present Yau Wing Fung’s latest solo exhibition, Illusion, where the artist’s works encapsulate a creative journey spanning the past five years, revealing ink landscapes that seamlessly transcend the boundaries of tradition and contemporaneity.

Yau Wing Fung finds artistic inspiration in the spatio-temporal aesthetics of traditional Chinese ink paintings. With each brushstroke gracefully traversing the paper, he contemplates the undulations of the landscapes, immersing himself in ancient wisdom that highlights a harmonious connection with the flow of the world. Simultaneously, his acute awareness of the shift in visual experience leads him to seamlessly interweave the classical poetic hermitude and the versatility of the digital present; his artworks whisper timeless wisdom but in contemporary terms. From the foundational Looming series to the recent Meta and Into series, Yau’s artistic creativity consistently challenges conventional modes of viewing landscapes. In Illusion, the artist delves into the rhythmic beauty and constructive qualities of traditional ink paintings, reconfiguring the pictorial space to engage with the ever-evolving human experience in the digital age, prompting contemplation that transcends our recognition of the immediate surroundings, both spatially and temporally.

The project is supported by JCCAC’s Professor Mayching Kao Arts Development Fund.

To learn more, click here.

To watch a video of the artist introducing his practice, click here.



Literati and Rocks Amidst Verdant Bloom

March 14 – April 13, 2024
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 14, 5-8pm

We proudly unveil our  Asia Week New York exhibition, Literati and Rocks Amidst Verdant Bloom, a meticulously curated selection of classical and contemporary works that embodies the soul of Asian artistry.

Highlights include Ruan Ji’s Poems in Running Script by Dong Qichang (1555-1636) and Scholar Rocks by Sun Kehong (1532-1610), which exemplify the pinnacle of literati taste in Chinese brushwork. Works by Wang Fu’an (1879-1960), C. C. Wang (1907-2003), and Wang Fangyu (1913-1997) further illuminate this rich lineage.

Bridging past and present, the exhibition showcases contemporary artists who carry the torch. Arnold Chang (b. 1954) offers his latest breathtaking boneless landscape, while Michael Cherney (b. 1969) presents his powerful bilingual work that resonates with audiences navigating cultural intersections. Zhang Xiaoli (b. 1989) and Yau Wing Fung (b. 1990) contribute pieces that connect with younger generations, bridging the generational gap.

Additional established artists include Hisao Hanafusa (b. 1937), Fung Ming Chip (b. 1951), Wang Mansheng (b. 1962), and Tai Xiangzhou (b. 1968), ensuring a diverse and enriching experience.