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Fu Qiumeng Fine Art


Whispers of Elegance 轻闻风雅

September 15 – November 18, 2023

This Autumn, we are delighted to present Whispers of Elegance, which shines a spotlight on the art of Chinese fans. Curated by Xian Fang, the former Head of Sales and Vice President at Sotheby’s New York Classical Chinese Paintings department, this enchanting group of folding fans from the Republic era showcases joint creations by literati artists, such as Zhang Daqian (Chang Dai-Chien, 1899-1983), Pu Ru (1896-1963), Tao Lengyue (1895-1985), and Wang Fu’an (1879-1960), among many others. This selection offers profound insights into the transformative interpretations, dialogues, and collaborations of traditional Chinese visual culture, deeply influenced by the vibrant intellectual and artistic movements of early 20th century China.

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