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Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd.

Enchanted Objects: Kim Hono Solo Exhibition

Online and In-Person
May 2 – 16, 2024

We are thrilled to present Kim Hono’s second solo exhibition in New York City, presenting the artist’s return to NYC with a new series of ceramic works. In his artistic odyssey, Kim Hono has crafted enchanting ceramic objects that yield a compelling formula of joy, humor, abstraction and play. He treats clay as a canvas for the play of his brush: surface treatments encompass rugged monochromatic finishes, multicolored abstract designs, whimsical line drawings, and motifs from the natural world.  Kim’s creations, ranging from geometric to occasionally biomorphic and decorative pieces, exude complex sensitivity and profound expression, offering a window into his remarkable professional journey as both a contemporary studio potter and artist.

To view the online exhibition catalogue on Issuu, click here.

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Ceramic Frontiers: Sodeisha & Shikokai in Post-war Japanese Art

March 12 – 28, 2024

On the occasion of Asia Week New York: In the landscape of mid-20th century Japan, two significant sculptural ceramic movements, Sodeisha and Shikokai, emerged concurrently during the post-war period. Dai Ichi Arts is thrilled to present a landmark exhibition this March that illuminates the richness of these historical movements, offering a distinctive lens through which to explore “Post-war” ceramics from Japan.

This exhibition unveils a curated collection of masterpieces by renowned artists integral to the Shikokai and Sodeisha canon in Japanese ceramic art history. Among the luminaries featured are Hayashi Yasuo, Suzuki Osamu, Kumakura Junkichi, Yagi Kazuo, Yamada Hikaru, Fujimoto Yoshimichi, and other influential figures that defined this pivotal period in Japanese ceramic art. Exhibition catalog features new essays by Kazuko Todate (Art Critic/Member of the International Academy of Ceramics & former a chief curator of Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, Japan) & Daniel McOwan (Scholar and Curator of Japanese Art).

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Latest Acquisitions

View our latest acquisitions of modern and contemporary Japanese ceramics online. Since our beginning in 1989, we have been focused on highlighting museum-quality Japanese ceramics to the contemporary art scene in New York City. The gallery has introduced pieces to the permanent collections of several major museums including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Indianapolis Art Museum, The Princeton University Art Museum, and many more.

Our mission is to bring the timeless grace of modern classics, 20th and 21st century Japanese ceramics, to the world by providing leading expertise to collectors, working with established & emerging artists, and showcasing inspiring exhibitions. We strive towards compassionate and bespoke services to our clientele which includes connoisseurs, collectors, curators, interior designers, and more. We work to connect an international audience to the heart of museum-quality Japanese ceramics & ceramic art.

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