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Yamaguchi Takeo Hi Download Image icon


Yamaguchi Takeo|山口長男 Japanese, 1902–1983
Hi|披 1968
Oil on board, framed
With a label signed by the artist and Yamaguchi Michiaki 65 x 90.5 / 68.5 x 94 cm

Milarepa Download Image icon

Buddhist Art

Milarepa, Tibet, 16th century, bronze with inscription
11cm high

Ganesh Haloi Untitled Download Image icon

Akar Prakar

Ganesh Haloi
Gouache on handmade paper laid on board
22 x 24.5 in

A Celebration Download Image icon

Art Passages

A Celebration
Qajar Period, Iran, c. 1810-1820
An intimate party scene with musicians, dancers and acrobats entertaining two lovers

Illustration to a Ragamala series Vasant Ragini Download Image icon

Oliver Forge and Brendan Lynch Ltd.

Illustration to a Ragamala series: Vasant Ragini
Murshidabad, Bengal, India, circa 1755
Opaque pigments with gold on paper
9 ½ by 5 7/8 in.

Shiva as Nataraja Download Image icon

Kapoor Galleries

Shiva as Nataraja,
Rajasthan, 11th Century
38 ½ in. high

Palampore with Mythical Animals Download Image icon

Thomas Murray

Palampore with Mythical Animals and Mughal Flowers (detail)
India, for the Indonesian market
Cotton; painted mordant and resist dye
18th Century
102 X 239 cm 40 x 94 in

Chinese Rose Verte Porcelain Tibetan Style Download Image icon

Ralph M. Chait Galleries, Inc.

Fine and Extremely Rare Chinese Rose Verte Porcelain Tibetan Style Ewer
Yongzheng period, AD 1723-1735
Decorated with scenes of Daoist Immortals.
All superbly painted in bright enamels.
Height: 21 inches (53.4 cm.)

Fung Ming Chip Time Script Download Image icon

Fu Quimeng Fine Art

Fung Ming Chip
China, b. 1951
Time Script -Clockwise, 2019
Ink on Paper
24 × 72 in | 61 × 183 cm

Li Jin Heart Sutra Download Image icon


Li Jin
The Heart Sutra 心经, 2020
Ink and Color on Paper
186 x 186 (with border)