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China Institute Gallery

Yang Yongliang, Glows in the Arctic, 2022, two channel 4K video


Shanshui 山水 Reboot: Re-envisioning Landscape for our Twenty-first Century

March 7 – July 7, 2024  

How do young artists use the ancient language of Chinese landscape painting (shanshui) to reflect/act/respond to change in our contemporary world? Shanshui Reboot focuses on the recent work of seven young and emerging artists (all born after the 70s) who are re-envisioning Chinese art for our twenty-first century. In an era where humans are directly affecting the Earth’s climate and leaving distinctive marks on the geological record, possibly even to the point of extinction, these artists adopt the Chinese tradition of shanshui to conjure metaphoric, rather than purely descriptive, representations of nature–visions that address contemporary life and society. From immersive digital media experiences to highly tactile paper installations, the works in the show challenge traditional ink expressions and bring the essence of Chinese landscape to new dimensions, showcasing diverse international artistic voices and highlighting three local artists who are creating site-specific installations.

The exhibited artists include Lam Tung Pang, Yi Xin Tong, Kelly Wang, Peng Wei, Fu Xiaotong, Yang Yongliang, and Ni Youyu. More than 40 works – including paintings, photographs, installation, and video – will be exhibited, and many are being shown in New York for the first time.

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