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Zetterquist Galleries

Spring/Summer Collection of Ceramics

We are pleased to showcase our extraordinary collection of ceramics from China, Japan and Vietnam.


Chinese and Vietnamese Ceramics from American and Japanese Collections

March 14 – 22, 2024
Asia Week Hours: Mar 14-22, 11am-6pm (otherwise by appointment)

We are delighted to present an exhibition of Chinese and Vietnamese Ceramics, all sourced from American and Japanese collections.

The Chinese pieces range in date from the Tang through Ming Dynasty, starting with a large Tang Dynasty whiteware jar, rare for its size and excellent condition. There is a selection of nine Song Dynasty pieces with fine examples of Ding, Yaozhou, Henan and Cizhou pieces from Northern China. From Southern China, there are elegant examples of Qingbai porcelains from the Hutien Kilns and a Jian-yao “Hare’s fur” tea bowl from a Japanese tea ceremony collection. From the Ming Dynasty there are two Longquan celadons; The barbed-rim charger with an ideal minty-green glaze color, and an exquisite “Gu” form vase, with Taoist trinary symbols, in an old lacquer box with silver inscription, also from a Japanese tea ceremony collection.

Most of the Vietnamese selections come from the collection of Mary and Cheney Cowles, whose extraordinary collection of Chinese ceramics sold in these rooms last Spring. They collected Vietnamese ceramics with the same exacting eye for quality, condition and beauty with which they chose their Chinese wares. Representing Northern Vietnamese kilns from the Ly Dynasty (1009-1225) through the Le Dynasty (1428-1788), this scholarly collection includes wares of varied techniques, forms and functions. From the elegant Thanh Hoa pieces with Buddhist inspired form, to Blue and white porcelaineous pieces of excellent condition and intricate decoration, this group exhibits the finest of Vietnamese wares.

We have added four other Vietnamese ceramics from Japanese and American collections which, as with many of the Cowles’ pieces, have illustrious provenance and publication histories.

This is our seventh Vietnamese exhibition in the last 30 years. It is a field that we thoroughly enjoy and still feel to be eminently collectable. The gallery is particularly fond of exhibiting Vietnamese ceramics together with Chinese ceramics, as it not only shows their inevitable stylistic and technical connections, but also highlights the unique charm and joyful spontaneity of Vietnamese design and decoration.

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About the Gallery

Zetterquist Galleries was founded in 1992 by Eric J. Zetterquist to present the finest of Asian ceramics throughout the ages. Our clients include major museums and the most discerning collectors of Asian ceramics from around the world.

While most Asian antiquities galleries choose one country and show several different media from that country, Zetterquist chose to show one medium, ceramics, but cover all of East Asia. The flow of materials with stylistic and technical influences around the region over the past 2,000 years tells a fascinating story that gets more exciting with time.