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Chinese Art

Chinese Art

Indian, Himalayan &
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Indian, Himalayan & Southeast Asian Art

Susan Ollemans Oriental Art

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Asia Week Exhibition 2021

Exhibition of Recent Acquisitions of Asian Jewels: 8 – 19th Century C.E.

Jewelry is a mirror on society and gives us a history of the people for whom it was made. From the beginning of time humans have decorated themselves using leaves, bones, scarification to diamonds and gold. Jewelry is such an important reservoir of history.

In this collection I have a diverse group of jewels from across Asia. The earliest pieces come from the Pyu Dynasty Burma and from the great period of Central Java. 8 – 12th Century. The remarkable talents of these early goldsmiths are evident in the beautiful rings and earpieces. From Cambodia there is a group of rings and a late but fine gold box depicting the son of Hanuman , Macchanu depicted in high relief. Lovely bold pectorals of spiritual importance come from the Islands of Indonesia. A Pair of silver gilt belt hangers from Tibet again displays the marvels of a rural gold smith in the faces of the monster masks and the wicked sparkling eyes. From the courts of India are fine examples of enamelware and a superb 1900 ruby, Basra pearl necklace and Golconda diamond necklace. Finally from China a rare Imperial Hair piece set with Pearls from the courts of the Manchu.

(by appointment only)